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Written by Steve Woodhall   
Saturday, 12 September 2015 13:43

Steve Woodhall's Butterfly books

All of these books are (or should be) available from any good bookshop. If they are not, click on the heading links to go to Struik's page for each book, so you can order one from them. We can also arrange signed copies, either via courier or collection. Please send a mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to enquire. And, they are all available as e-books - see below.

Gardening for Butterflies

This book is aimed at the gardener who wants to know more about butterflies and moths (or 'buttermoths', as the order Lepidoptera is becoming known). It covers 95 of the most-often seen species in a suburban South African garden, with as much information on the early stages and host plants as is available. Steve's co-author Lindsay Gray, the well-known garden design expert, tells how to design a garden aimed at attracting buttermoths. A wide range of plants is depicted, both as host plants for larvae and nectar plants to attract adults. Examples of buttermoth-friendly gardens from different parts of South Africa are covered.


















Pocket Guide to Butterflies

Ever been out in the bush and saw a butterfly you'd like to identify, but you don't want the bulk of a Field Guide in your backpack? Well this is the book for you. We've covered all types of butterfly, except those that look confusingly similar. You'll be able to identify most to the species level, except for the 'little blue/brown/copper jobs' - of those, we have put in examples so you can identify as far as the genus. To go further requires the Field Guide, but by the time you've got interested enough to want to know about them, you will consider the extra weight worth while (or take a photo for later ID at leisure...)

Pocket Guide cover


























What's That Butterfly?

This is aimed at the starter, who is just starting out and does not know their Swallowtails from their Blues. The butterflies are divided into groups, and scientific names are avoided. Examples of early stages (eggs, larvae and pupae) are covered for each group, for those who want to know more about their biology or may have found a caterpillar and want to know what it will become.























Field Guide to Butterflies of South Africa

This was Steve's first book for Struik Nature and remains the only comprehensive field guide to South African butterflies. Many of the species covered are found further north in East Africa, so it is popular with people visiting countries as far north as Kenya and Uganda. It covers all the 'difficult' small brown, blue or copper butterflies found in South Africa's unique grasslands, karoo and fynbos.





















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